Press Techniques, Inc. - West Chicago, Illinois - for punch presses, lathes, grinders, mills and other equipment and machinery repair and rebuilding services

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punch presses and pressbrake repair and rebuilding services


Punch Press Repair/Pressbrakes

Restore Parallelism of Ram & Gibs on Punch Presses and Pressbrakes
Precision Scraping of Ram Face, Gib, and Way Surfaces

Punch Press Crankshaft and Eccentric Shaft Reconditioning
Manufacture, Replace, and Refit
Bronze Bearings
Journal Repair; Regrinding
Recut Keyways

Punch Press Clutch/Brake Fault Repair
Air Leaks
Excessive Clearances
Punch Press Replacement Parts
Piston Repair
Clutch Conversions

Gear Reconditioning for Punch Presses and Pressbrakes

Motor Repair - Punch Presses and Pressbrakes
Shaft Repair/Replacement
Bearing Replacement
Motor Rewinding
Motor Control Troubleshooting

Lube System of Punch Presses Repair and Installation
Line Meter Unit Replacement
Pump Repair/Replacement

Backgauge Repair for Pressbrakes

Evaluation of Punch Press Machinery Condition and Application.
Check Drop-Through Clearances
Automatic Control & Monitoring Systems
Evaluate Control Systems for Compliance

In-House Punch Press Machining

Press Techniques, Inc.
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