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punch presses and pressbrake repair and rebuilding services

Our facility is 37,000sf which houses a wide variety of repair equipment and machinery.


Punch Press and Pressbrake Repair Services

Crankshaft, Backshaft, and Eccentric Shaft Reconditioning
Manufacture of New, Including Finish Grinding and Fit
Manufacture and Fit of Replacement Bronze Bearings
Journal Repair and Regrinding
Recutting of Keyways

Clutch and Brake Fault Troubleshooting and Repair
Troubleshoot Air Leaks and Top-Stop Faults
Inspect and Reset for Proper Clearance
Procurement and Shipment of Replacement Parts. (Please see
our product line page)
Piston Repair
Brake Relining

Provision and Installation of Centralized Lubrication Systems
Bijur, Lincoln, Trabon, and others
Troubleshooting a Wide Variety of Lubrication System Faults
Provision/Replacement of Line Meters, Hose Assemblies, and Fittings
Provision/Replacement or Repair of Lubrication Pumps and Motor

Motor Repairs: Troubleshooting and Repairs

Hydraulic Motor and HPU Repairs: Parts and Service

Cylinder Troubleshooting: Parts, Repairs, and Rebuilding

Gear Reconditioning

Restore Parallelism of Rams & Gibs
Precision Scraping and Machining of Ram Face, Gib, and Way Surfaces

Backgauge Repair for Pressbrakes

Motor Repair
Motor Control Troubleshooting
Bearing Replacement
Shaft Repair and Replacement

Surveys of Machinery Condition and Evaluation of Applications
Check Drop-Through Clearances
Evaluate Control System Compliance
Assess Control and Monitoring Systems
Complete Survey Report given to Customer


Press Techniques, Inc.
P.O. Box 488 * West Chicago, IL 60186-0488
Tel: (630) 208-8800 * Fax: (630) 208-8801