Press Techniques, Inc. - West Chicago, Illinois - for punch presses, lathes, grinders, mills and other equipment and machinery repair and rebuilding services

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Grinders - Cylindrical Grinders

Mills, Lathes, and Grinders
Grinder Repair and More

Precision Scraping and Alignment
Rescrape and Refit X, Y, and Z Axis
Restore Surfaces to Flat and Parallel
Refit of Tapered Gibs to Provide Maximum Rigidity
Troubleshoot and Repair "Tight Spots" in Travel
Restore Perpendicularity of Travel

Hard-Coating of Ways

Head Repair
Motor and Sheave Repair
Belt Replacement
Bearing Replacement
Spindle and Quill Repair
High/Low and Feed Repair

Screw and Nut Replacement and Repair
Servo Feed Installation
Chase Threads
Ballscrew Retrofit

Lube System Service
Line and Metering Units
Low Level Switch and Electrical Interlocks
Pump Repair
In-Line Filtering

Hydraulic System Repair
Pump Repair
Valve and Spool Repair
Cylinder Repair

Transmission Repair
Restore Speeds and Feeds
Restore Modes of Travel - Rapid and Feed
Troubleshoot and Repair "Grinding Noises"

Press Techniques, Inc.
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Tel: (630) 208-8800 * Fax: (630) 208-8801